Shoulder bag Moskau

Shoulder bag Moskau


The Moscow flap bag offers you a lot of space, with an extra-large main compartment and a zip pocket on the inside. The combination of velvet-soft deerskin and the finest olive leather offers the advantage of stability and suppleness in one. A snap hook on the leather strap ensures that your keychain remains at hand at all times. Opening the flap reveals another zip pocket with two pockets inside. The bag is fully lined with leather. On the back of the bag, there is a sturdy handle to carry the bag comfortably in your hand or you can use the continuously adjustable shoulder strap made of seat belt; it can be carried over the shoulder or chest. By simply latching an additional strap equipped with a snap hook, the bag holds stable and secure on your back - your hands remain free.

Collection: Wildwuchs
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 46 × 39 × 12 cm

Order number: V01-H15

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