MacBook Pro 13" / MacBook Air Protect

MacBook Pro 13" T (2016) Protect

MacBook Pro 13" / MacBook Air Protect


This case from the Protect-series offers perfect protection for your Apple MacBook Pro 13“ & MacBook Air 13" RD. The outside is manufactured from chamois tanned deer leather, which is soft and convenient and further durable and robust. The inside is made of three millimetres of wool felt in order to protect your device from dirt, cold and scratches. The case has two zippers from each side and can also be used as a folder for documents.

Collection: MacProtect
Modell: 13" MacBook Pro / MacBook Air
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 32 × 23 × 3 cm

Order number: P15T-H15

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Patina The leather is a long-lasting material and changes throughout its life. Black deerskin is developing in a special way. It was dyed with natural colors. Areas that are exposed to a greater stress, brighten in use and give a particularly beautiful color. The natural change makes every bag a unique companion that reflects your experiences.