Shoulder bag Moskau

Shoulder bag Moskau


A lot of room provides the fold-over shoulder bag “Moskau” with its extra-large main partition and a zipper-closed pocket. You can carry the bag on your shoulder or across your chest due to the easily adjustable strap made of a safety belt. By latching an additional strap with a snap hook to the shoulder strap, the bag will stay on your back, which leaves you free hands. The extra-wide shoulder strap is light and convenient on your shoulder and is also very tear-resistant. Pack as much as you wish and still carry your bag easily!
Collection: Wildwuchs
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 46 × 39 × 12 cm

Order number: V01-H15

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olive leather


Patina The leather is a long-lasting material and changes throughout its life. Black deerskin is developing in a special way. It was dyed with natural colors. Areas that are exposed to a greater stress, brighten in use and give a particularly beautiful color. The natural change makes every bag a unique companion that reflects your experiences.