Backpack Prag

Backpack Prag


The bag “Prag” combines the classy design of a handbag and the handy assets of a backpack. The extra soft shoulder straps are light, convenient on the shoulders and smoothly adjustable. No more unpleasant pressure and prickling – thanks to the back of the bag which is made of cowhide leather and adjusts to your body. By pulling the roll buckle, the bag opens widely. Additionally, they can be safely closed by a closure buckle, which also adds to the design. The bag has a large main partition, several pockets and a snap hook for your key chain. There is also a zipper-closed compartment at the back.
Collection: Wildwuchs
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 32 × 40 × 6 cm

Order number: W08S-H15

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olive leather


Patina The leather is a long-lasting material and changes throughout its life. Black deerskin is developing in a special way. It was dyed with natural colors. Areas that are exposed to a greater stress, brighten in use and give a particularly beautiful color. The natural change makes every bag a unique companion that reflects your experiences.