waistbag Minsk M

waistbag Minsk M


With the belt bag „Minsk“ you have everything that is important to you close to your body and always right at hand. You only need to pull your belt through the especially durable belt loop made of soft cowhide leather. You can store you phone, purse or keys safely in the purse. Just open it with a flick of the wrist and find what you need. The lining is made of wool felt that protects everything that is important to you. Manufactured from chamois tanned deer leather, the purse is convenient and soft to wear.
Collection: Wildwuchs
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 13 × 17 × 4 cm

Order number: L10B-H15

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Patina The leather is a long-lasting material and changes throughout its life. Black deerskin is developing in a special way. It was dyed with natural colors. Areas that are exposed to a greater stress, brighten in use and give a particularly beautiful color. The natural change makes every bag a unique companion that reflects your experiences.