Clutch Pouch Hanoi

Clutch Beutel Hanoi

Clutch Pouch Hanoi


Clutch and shoulder bag in one: Wear it the way you want. It is convenient to carry because it is especially light and made of extremely soft leather. You can adjust the strap individually and simply fasten it with a knot. The purse can be closed by a wrist strap and opened widely. Inside you will see bright leather lining. Keep an overview over your belongings and make an end to long rummaging around.
Collection: Wildwuchs
Material: deerskin
Color: grey-green
Size: 33 × 21 × 7 cm

Order number: X12-H15

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Patina The leather is a long-lasting material and changes throughout its life. Black deerskin is developing in a special way. It was dyed with natural colors. Areas that are exposed to a greater stress, brighten in use and give a particularly beautiful color. The natural change makes every bag a unique companion that reflects your experiences.